About ELS
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Engineering Labor Solutions:


High-Touch / High Labor Content Areas:
Order Picking / Packing:
Kitting / Assembly / Assortment / Display Building:
Container Unload / Trailer Reload
Labeling / Re-Ticketing / Hanging / Bagging / Re-Packing:

Primary Advantages:

Guaranteed Fixed-Unit-Cost Labor Pricing:
10% to 20% Reduction in Total Labor Costs:
Guaranteed On-Time Delivery:
Guaranteed Executional Accuracy:
Guaranteed Volume Demands Met:

Additional Savings / Benefits:

Engineering Design & Management of Workforce / Workflow @ $0 Cost:
Improved Profitability / P&L Manageability Via Fixed-Cost Pricing:
Billed on 1st Quality Production Only = Improved Materials Utilization:
Incentive Compensation = Improved Retention / Reduced Turnover:
Higher Efficiencies = Improved Production Volumes + Delivery Reliability:
Reallocation of Intellectual Capital to Product / Market / Business Development:

Added Advantages:

$0 Up-Front Investment: