Engineering Solutions for Productivity
  "The beacons of productivity and innovation must be our guideposts. If we continue to improve productivity of all key resources and our innovative standing, we are going to be profitable.”
-Peter Drucker

ELS represents a unique opportunity for organizations as they look for solutions to remain competitive in today's global marketplace. Our group's comprehensive strategy provides a unique blend of industrial, process, quality assurance, and systems engineering; combined with decades of operational management capability in conjunction with an aggressive and accountable labor cost control strategy.

We provide client companies with a total engineered labor solution that will meet or exceed operational objectives and current unit costs. Our commitment is to provide our client organizations with cost-reducing alternatives to traditional staffing strategies.

This is how...

We are labor management professionals. We are also industrial engineers, systems engineers, quality assurance engineers, operational managers, and human resource professionals.   We have a proven track record within the manufacturing, production, assembly, picking, packaging, kitting, fulfillment, and de-containerization arenas.  We structure a customized, cost-reducing labor solution that meets or exceeds our clients requirements and needs.