Value Proposition

ELS represents a unique and exceptional opportunity for organizations as they look to remain competitive in today's global marketplace.  Our group's comprehensive strategy provides a unique blend of industrial, process, quality assurance, and systems engineering; combined with decades of operational management capability in conjunction with an aggressive and accountable labor strategy.


We provide client companies with a total labor solution that will meet operational objectives.  Our commitment is to provide our client organizations with cost-effective alternatives to traditional labor management strategies.

  • Past: Variable and unpredictable production, packaging and distribution costs
  • Future: Guaranteed fixed unit cost
  • Past: Legacy processes, work-flows, and hierarchies
  • Future: Engineered, cost-value analyzed organizational processes
  • Past: Unreliable production order thru-put completion
  • Future: Scheduled, predictive and faster production order thru-put completion
  • Past: Low, non-controlled, or unknown overall area/department efficiencies
  • Future: Higher, controlled, and highly-visible overall operational efficiencies
  • Past: Associates' earnings based upon market and meeting minimum requirements
  • Future: Improved earnings based upon productivity attracting higher caliber employees
  • Past: Turnover happens - How do we control it?
  • Future: Reduced turnover / improved workforce stability through trained management
  • Past: We have a bottleneck somewhere
  • Future: Impact upstream and downstream operations via process reliability / visibility controls
  • Past: How much can we expect to produce by when with unreliable execution?
  • Future: Predictive capability planning and utilization via engineered standards and controls
  • Past: How do we know what's happening on the production floor today?
  • Future: Enhanced process visibility via production control tools
  • Past: What can we do to save money?
  • Future: At ELS we consistently deliver reductions in costs of up to 20%