General Questions
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We already practice lean manufacturing concepts, will our managers be required to learn a whole new system?

Not at all.  We are strong practitioners of lean / six-sigma strategies and protocols and fully support any and all structures that are currently in place. However, our mission is to concentrate upon the maximization of the labor resources utilized within the existing SOP framework.  Labor utilization within the client’s existing operating structures is our core focus.  However, if we do discover appropriate low-to-no-cost process or methodology advancement opportunities, we will be more that happy to appropriately surface these to client management team for their consideration.

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How do you handle changes to requirements or new product lines?  How quickly will you be able to respond to requests to re engineer resources/staff?

As your labor solutions partners, we evaluate the revised need, develop and deploy an updated strategy to meet the new need.  In many applications, response time to changing operating condition can be within hours.  However, if we need to bring our engineering staff on-site, assess the new situation, and deploy an updated solution, this can potentially be accomplished within a matter of days.  It is a matter of managing total costs and customer deliverables – simply, as a partner, we will work together to meet your needs.

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Does ELS emphasize Quality or Quantity?

There can not exist true productivity without executional accuracy. The standards established are inclusive of methodology that supports full executional accuracy. The most inefficient method for doing anything is “over again”. A cornerstone of our core philosophy is individual traceability and responsibility at the individual associate level.  Errors, mishaps, non-conformance, and mistakes are detected via statistically based inspection and/or sampling.  These, in-turn, are the accountability of the responsible associate to correct.  In so doing, individual efficiency and output will sharply decline and thereby significantly impact the individual’s earnings - which are, in large part, efficiency driven.  We follow my mother’s rule, “If you messed it up – you clean it up . . . if you broke it – you fix it . . . if you lost it . . . you find it!”  In addition, any materials consumed during the course of re-work and correction will be our responsibility – not yours.